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Runyon Genealogy

Items that interest genealogical researchers of the Runyon surname and all its variations.

Many researchers have accumulated information through the decades on  Family Runyon and its varied spellings--Rongnion, Runyon, Runyan, Runion, Runnion, etc. Foundation research done by Orra Eugene Monnet, Calvin I. Kephart, and Mabel Louise Keech enabled an early round of family study. The 1955 publication of Runyon Genealogy by Robert Runyon of Brownsville, Texas, and Amos Runyon of Belfry, Kentucky, and Robert Runyon's 1962 Supplement to Runyon Genealogy spurred significant additional family research around the United States. From about 1970 to first decade of the 21st century, much more family research was tabulated by many new researchers, including Amali Runyon Perkins and William T. Runyon, daughter and son of Robert Runyon, as well as Clyde Runyon, son of Amos Runyon.  This web page devoted to the Family Runyon provides highlights through the years from many of these researchers' findings.

Runyon Tidbits

Amali Runyon Perkins' Tidbits, which readers today would consider a genealogical blog, contain much information that can educate and interest Runyon/Runyan/Runnion researchers.   The archived Tidbits return after many requests from former readers.

Vincent Rongnion


Vincent Rongnion is  considered the progenitor of the Runyon/Runyan/Runnion line in North America.    In 2002, Amali Runyon Perkins engaged a genealogical researcher in France to visit archives in the regions thought to be Vincent's native land.  This section shares the more significant research into those regions' French surnames that closely resemble Rongnion or what is today Runyon/Runyan/Runnion. 

Isaac Runyon


American Revolution veteran Isaac Runyon represents a Runyon enigma.  Although numerous theories exist, no one has substantiated how Isaac descended from Vincent Rongnion or even identify  Isaac's parents.  This section provides a chronology of Isaac's known lifetime, much of it resulting from original research conducted by Robert Runyon, co-author of Runyon Genealogy, his son, W. T. Runyon, and his daughter, Amali Runyon Perkins.  We hope this chronology provides some keys that will allow other researchers to break through this brick wall.

 Robert Runyon


A new book tells the story of Robert Runyon--the Renaissance Man of the Texas-Mexico borderlands. After moving to Texas from his native Catlettsburg, KY, in 1909, Runyon taught himself to become one of America's first war photojournalists during the Mexican Revolution and Texas bandit wars, a renowned botanist and eco-conservationist, a politician, and a husband, father, and serial entrepreneur. And he also found time to co-author Runyon Genealogy (1955) and subsequent family studies. Click below for more information on this book entitled Journey's Reward.


The landmark 1955 family reference, Runyon Genealogy, by Robert Runyon and Amos Runyon, and the 1962 Supplement to Runyon Genealogy by Robert Runyon now are available online for personal, not-for-profit use in a single, searchable PDF e-Book format. Robert Runyon's grandchildren made possible this online compilation of both books in a single file at no cost to all Runyon/Runyan/Runnion/Runion  family researchers. Click below for access to this valuable resource.

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