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Vincent Rongnion

In search of the Runyon Progenitor

In 2002, my family worked with a certified genealogist in France to see what new information could be uncovered on Vincent Rongnion’s parents and siblings.

Her research involved French surnames that conceivably could have evolved into Rongnion.  The surnames she researched include those at left (clicking on any one of them takes you to the French genealogist's finding).


The French genealogist reports that many records from the Poitou region that might have helped us  were destroyed in World War II.   


She found nothing concrete in her research that would lead to Vincent Rongnion, the progenitor of the Runyon and Runyan families in the United States.

Nor did she find any connection between Vincent and either Henri or Jacques Rognon, a link many genealogists have long suspected.


This does not mean the geneological link does not exist.  It is just that the records she studied could not verify it.


Although this information is far from complete, we offer it in hopes other persons researching Runyon or similar lines will find if of interest.  If you have any information that may clarify or expand this information, please email us and let us know.


Amali Runyon Perkins

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