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Mitchell Runyon's Bible Page

Mitchell Runyon, born 26 Jan 1830 in Pike County, KY. He was:

  • son of Adron (1801-1859) and Jane Maynard Runyon (1810-1883)

  • grandson of John (c1761-after 1840) and Betsy Raemer (or Runner) Runyon

  • the great-grandson of Isaac (c1738-after 1820) and Geertje (Charity) Hageman Runyon


Mitchell married Margaret (Peggy) Taylor, daughter of William A. and Sarah (Sally) Maynard Taylor, on 6 January, 1848. She was born 3 June 1829 in Logan County, VA, now WV. Mitchell and his wife had eight children in Pike County; in 1877 they moved to Boyd County, Kentucky, near Catlettsburg where they had one more daughter. Mitchell and Peggy were the grandparents of Robert Runyon, co-author of Runyon Genealogy.

In the late 1950s, while Robert Runyon was researching Runyon Genealogy, his first cousin, Julia C. Ford of Catlettsburg, shared with him remnants of the family bible once kept by their grandparents Mitchell and Peggy Runyon. Robert Runyon preserved what he could of the remnants (now archived in the Runyon Family Papers at the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History at The University of Texas at Austin) stating that "The Bible record is a loose leaf, very fragile; the writing is dim and faded." He also transcribed the data. Following are images of the remaining existing page (front and back) as well as a table of his transcriptions. Although valuable to researchers, family bible dates were often put down by memory and not from written records, so refer to the individual family member's entry in Robert Runyon and Amos Runyon's Runyon Genealogy and Robert Runyon's Supplement to Runyon Genealogy for verification of this Bible's dates.

Also please note that there is no existing bible page for the births and deaths at the end of the transcription. That page may no longer exist.

Mitchell Runyon Bible births
Mitchell Runyon Bible 3.jpg

Robert Runyon's Transcription of

Mitchell Runyon's Family Bible Record. 

Inherited from Mitchell Runyon by his son, Hiram W. (Hi) Runyon (1869-1944) then transferred to his son, J. Frank Runyon of Detroit, MI. Probably in the 1950s,  Julia C. Ford of Catlettsburg, KY, whose mother, Jenny Runyon Ford was a daughter of Mitchell, took possession of this loose leaf from the Bible with its vital statistics. The page transferred to Robert Runyon, Brownsville, TX, about 1963. The fragile page now is in the Runyon Family Papers at Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

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