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French Surname Research

Possible Ties to Vincent Rongnion

A391 refers to a Suzanne de Regnon who died in 1638.

This document records the baptism of Vincende de Rougnon, daughter of Vincent and Jeanne Quenette.


The following information, in most cases, is divided by regions within Vienne, Poitou--the administrative division of France where about 1645 Vincent Rongnion was born.


The Sainte-Pezenne baptismal register  (Cote:1 Miec 40 R 127)  Note:  Sainte-Pezenne is now attached to Niort.


There was no Regnon family noted.


There was some information concerning Protestants from Poitou in the Fond Dez papers.


The French genealogist found correspondence to Mr. Dez from Forrest Mitchell Runyan in 1936 .  She did not copy the entire letter.  We were able to locate a copy entitled: “ Part Record of the Rognon (Runyan, Runyon) Family in New Jersey”, dated 13 January 1933.  In the letter Forrest Mitchell Runyan states: 


“Vincent Rongnion was born about 1645 and came to America from Poitiers, Vienne, France.  In all probability he descended from Roygnon or Rognon family, who were the lords of Sainte Pezenne just north of Niort, prov. of Deux Sevres, which is just west of Vienne.”

Other correspondence from this region included personally written notes from Mr. Dez, concerning his findings.  Some of them are noted in the following bullet points:



  • Jeanne from Saint Saline abjures Catholicism at Melle 19 March 1673.


  • Dame Sylvie Regnon married d’Auzy (ecuyer, sir of Maisonneuve).


  • Lievre Tome III, p. 262


  • Marriage of Julie Anne de Villates, daughter of Fabrice de Villates and Louise Regnon to Rene Gazeau d’Arniere. Brother to Julie:  Alex Henri Villates.


  • Marriage of Suzanne Grellier, daughter of Francois Grellier and Suzanne Regnon to Francois Hector d’Alone



  • Dictionnaire de figure heraldique.


  • 3 abeilles (or/azur) Regnon de Chaligny.  This means 3 bees (gold/blue) belonging to Regnon de Chaligny.


  • Marquis Regnon de Chaligny, Poitou: d’azur, 3 abeilles d’or.  This means Marquis Regnon de Chaligny of Poitou's heraldry symbol was blue, with three gold bees.



  • In 1861 Marquis A. de Regnon was a member of Antiquaires de l’Ouest (a famous historical society)


  • Jehan Regnon was a fisher at Saint-Michel-en-l’Herm, 08 April 1472


Bulletin of the Historical and Scientific Society of Deux-Sevres Part 1, page 340


1792, Henri de Regnon, of Poitou campaigned in the Poitou Companies during the French Revolution.


1792, Regnon of Chaligny campaigned in the Prince’s army.


Archives du Chateau de la Barre


A376:  1640 27 April, Death of Charles Poictevin. Jacques Morrison said to be brother-in-law of Suzanne Raignion, the widow.


A379 Papier:  1643 4 August, Act stating the daughter of Suzanne de Regnon, Mlle. De La Bonnetiere, removed objects from the castle.


A391: 13 pieces regarding a lawsuit involving custody of the Poictevin children.  Suzanne de Regnon died in 1638.  Gillete Poictevin was the grand daughter of Suzanne Regnon and heiress of two thirds of the estate.  The rest was shared by Esther Poictevin and Marie Poictevin.


D330: Parchemim 1657, 22 juin, Parchment shows transfer of a site for a barn from Suzanne de Regnon to Laurent Raoulleau, who is to rebuild it at his expense.


Maintenus de noblesse de la generalite de Poitiers, 1714-1718.  Archives Historiques du Poitou, Tome XXII, 1893


Fontenay, Ordonnances:  In favor of Henri Regnon.  Maintained as a noble and ecuyer, 19 March 1700; signed by de Richebourg. Louis Regnon (Reignon), ecuyer, sgr. de Chaligny, supporting document. 


Ordinance of Mr. Maupeau maintaining Henri Regnon, ecuyer, sir of Chaligny granted privileges as a noble as of 19 March 1700.


Also confirmed the marriage contract of Henri Regnon with lady Renee de Saligne, and the contract of marriage of Louis Regnon, chev., Sgr de Chaligny, with Mlle. Sarah Sonnet d’Uzon, wherewith Louis declares he is the son of Henri Regnon and Lady Renee de Saligne, dated 11 November 1703.


 Fontenay, Ordinances:  Maintenus comme nobles et ecuyer le 08 juillet 1717, signe De Latour.  In this document, Frederic Regnon, chev.sgr.of Page is to marry Julie de Kerveno de la Guignerraye.  .Louis-Elie Regnon, knight, Lord of Chaligny, Captain of the Regiment of Isle de France, is his brother.


Supporting Documents: Mr. Maupeau in favor of Henri Regnon, ec.sir of Chaligny, given exemptions and privileges of a noble, 19 March 1700. 


Marriage contract of Elie Regnon, knight, lord of  Chaligny and Bigotierres with Louise Robert in which he states that he is the son of Elie Regnon, knight, sgr. of Chaligny and of  Lady Louise Durcot and  that Henri Regnon was his elder brother.

Marriage contract of Frederic Regnon, knight, sir of  Page, with Julie de Kerveno de la Guigneraye dated 15 September  1711. He is the son of Elie Regnon, knight, Sir of Bigotierres and Lady Louise Robert.  


Marriage contract of Louis-Elie Regnon, Knight; lord of Chaligny and of Bigotierres with Perside Devay  04 October 1716 in which he states he is the son of Elie Regnon, Lord of Bigotierres and of Lady Louise Robert.


Ste. Pezenne, la Bourg


De Regnon, Henri, Sir of Chaligny, lived at Lardiere, parish of the Bourg, elections of Les Sables (d’Allone)—maintained noble, sentence not dispatched (blazon: azure with three golden bees). 


 D’Hozier, armorial Poitevin



  • Jacques Roignon, seneschal at Champagne-Saint-Hilaire: de Gueule a un besan d’or, accompagnee en chef de deux coquilles d’argent.


  • Suzanne Raignon, wife of Francois Grellier, lord of Espois: De gueule, a 1-etoile de 8 rain d’or.


  • Henry Reignon, ecuyer, lord of Chaligny: d’azur, a trois mouches a miel d’or en chef et un en pale.


  • Silvie Reignon, wife of Rene d’Auzy, ecuyer sir of Saint-Romans: d’azur a trois mouche, 2 et 1.

The following "Consultation of Registers" again is divided by region


Champagne-le Sec  

No registers before 1737 are conserved.



No registers before 1747 are conserved at Departmental Archives and none before 1659 at City Hall.




Record of marriage of Jacques Roignon, sir of Bois-Brunet, seneschal of Sommiere, son of deceased Vincent Rongnion, tax prosecutor at Champagne-Saint-Hilaire and Catherine Texier, with Anne Agier, daughter of Guy Agier, prosecutor and notary at Sommiere and deceased Suzanne Augereau.



No registers (damaged) could be consulted before 1667 for Saint-Hilaire Parish, (9E218/1). 


24 November 1699- Marriage of Pierre Rougnon and Vincente Chatelin. Witnesses Louis Charpentier, Vincent Rognon, Pierre Thareau.


21 June 1688 – Marriage of Francois Rognon, son of Pierre Rognon and Mathurine Barret with Jeanne Estiveau.


14 February1694—Marriage of Vincent Rognon, son of deceased Pierre Rognon and deceased Mathurine Barreau with Renee Godard.


Scorbe-Clairvaux (9E310/1)

Gap in registers from 1640 to 1668.


6 August 1643-Baptism of Vincende Rougnon, daughter of Vincent and Jeanne Quenette. Godparents: Jean Gazil and Perrine Barbottin.


29 September 1643- Burial of Vincente Rougnon, two months old.


26June 1672-Marriage of Vincent Rognon, son of Etienne and deceased Jacquette Angoumois, with Marie Vaucelle.  Witnesses: Jacques Angoumois, uncle and Charles Rognon, brother and Pierre Vaucelle, cousin.


Baptism of Marc Gautereau, son of Pierre Gautereau and (illegible) Rognon. Godfather: Marc Gaudin, godmother:  (illegible) Fillonneau.


Naintre (9E207/1)


11 February 1658 Transcription of the marriage of Rene Rognon with Charlotte Suire.




No registers before 1697. 


24 November 1699- Marriage of Pierre Rougnon and Vincente Chatelin.   Witnesses Louis Charpentier, Vincent Rognon, Pierre Thareau. 


21 June 1688 – Marriage of Francois Rognon, son of Pierre Rognon and  Mathurine Barret with Jeanne Estiveau.


14 February 1694—Marriage of Vincent Rognon, son of deceased Pierre Rognon and deceased Mathurine Barreau with Renee Godard.


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